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The transplant gave us back oxygen. The breath that can handle the cold air. But cystic fibrosis is not a disease just for the lungs. It impacts every organ in the body.

Now we face kidney disease, chronic sinus infections, immune suppression triggered even by a minor cold and with the body working overtime weight it is hard to maintain.

Knowing we can rely on the support of Cystic Fibrosis ACT makes all the difference. Vitamins and supplements for the weight loss, replacement medical equipment to combat recurring infections.

Everyday we focus on staying well enough to live the gracious gift of life we have been given.

We need your support!




Thank you. This donation provides 13% towards a year's supply of essential vitamins for a child with CF.


Thank you. This donation provides 8% towards a new nebuliser.


Thank you. This donation provides 15% of a year's basic support for an adult with CF.


Thank you. This donation provides 50% of a year's basic support for a child with CF.
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Cate Madew donated 18 hours ago

Happy running.... my favourite team

Zarina Varley Scott donated 2 days ago

Keep fightning and stay golden! <3

Rachael Wade donated 3 days ago

Andrew - you are inspirational. Good luck on the shuffle.

Sharon Hickey donated 4 days ago

Incredible couple!

Madeline Vaughan donated 4 days ago


Vanessa Lapthorne donated 1 week ago

All the best Andrew and team!

Jen Mackay donated 1 week ago

I'm with Kate - running is bad, but the cause is good - don't freeze!

Tina Hampshire donated 1 week ago

Best of luck Andrew and Heidi and in memory of Roberta Carney who didn't survive the CF journey.

Megan Petersen donated 1 week ago

In memory of my dear friend Kriss, and in support of all those fighting CF

Kate Yuille donated 1 week ago

I don't normally condone the concept of running (especially running in winter) but I'll make an exception for a good cause! Good luck to you both!